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Gefilte Fish, Latkes and Tongue, Oh My!

Many of my fondest childhood memories of the ‘60s and ‘70s involve my grandmother’s food. Visiting my Nana, aunt, uncle and cousins meant eating foods we didn’t have at home and stuffing ourselves silly with chopped liver, chicken soup and melt -in-your-mouth kosher meat. When “The Ed Sullivan Show” ended, we’d always leave with some of Nana’s homemade rugelach, though ... Read More »


My grandchildren, ages 3 and 4, were at my house and heard someone use the word “party pooper.” If you have any experience with preschoolers, you know that this is the best word ever. It is a legitimate word, you can use it to describe people, and it contains the word “poop.” Fifteen minutes of laughter, teasing each other and ... Read More »

The Over Scheduler

A few years ago, at one of my Parenting workshops, a mom admitted jokingly about her parenting blunder: “You should know, I’m a recovering over scheduler!” This eager and dedicated young mother explained how she found herself loading her son’s schedule with activities, and although her intention was to help him find a sense of belonging and purpose, she found ... Read More »

Weizmann Day School Celebrating Multi-Age Classrooms

  Weizmann Day School prides itself on its small, nurturing environment.  We commonly see eighth graders helping first graders, seventh graders playing with second graders, sixth graders reading to kindergarteners, etc.  Parents and children alike tell us how much they enjoy this communal aspect of the school. A positive feature of our size is the opportunity to arrange for multi-age ... Read More »

Make ‘Em Laugh

Before comedians like Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers and Jerry Seinfeld became famous they were kids. This made me wonder how any child interested in comedy knows to follow that path in life and what it’s like, so I reached out to two talented individuals, one adult professional comedian and one teen with stand-up aspirations. Comedian, author, playwright and L.A. local, ... Read More »

Weizmann Day School Honors Lori Snyder

An event to remember on December 15th! She is the School Administrator, an admired Science Instructor, and a long beloved educator in our local community. In the past 36 years as an educator, Lori Snyder has taught dozens of students at Atid Hebrew Academy (formerly in West Covina) and many more at Temple Beth Israel of Pomona and Temple Ami ... Read More »

Hanukkah Traditions

Hanukkah is a fun, minor holiday with lots of activities to involve even the youngest children.  It is also a great time to develop unique family traditions. Each night we light the Hanukkah candles. Some families light one Hanukkah menorah and others will light one hanukiah for each family member. You can make each night special with a different latke ... Read More »

A Delicious Taste of Hanukkah

Author Pamela Ehrenberg’s charming new picture book called Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas celebrates siblings, diversity and the joyous role traditional food plays in different cultures, in this case Indian. With Hanukkah approaching as the story opens, an older brother narrator describes his younger sister Sadie’s penchant for climbing, even in the Indian supermarket. Fortunately, his version of the dreidel ... Read More »

Saying Goodbye

Child is kissing a cat

GENERALLY, WHEN YOUR child asks you a question about death, it follows the loss of someone or some animal who was part of your life. Not only is it difficult to discuss death with your children at any time, it is much more complicated when dealing with your own emotional upheaval or loss. Are you sure what happens after death? ... Read More »

Entertaining Children


  THIS MONTH’S JLIFE theme is arts and entertainment. We are blessed to live in an area that has a wide array of museums and formal events geared toward children of all ages. However, there are times we need to step back and think about what it means to “entertain” children. Children have a natural curiosity about the world around ... Read More »

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