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We have just entered 5780, the new Jewish year. This is a time for new decisions, new focus, new intentions, and new commitments. Recently, there has been a focus on research dedicated to new habit formation and the best way to make life altering changes. The big take away seems to be instituting change a little at a time. In ... Read More »

L’Dor V’Dor

What an abundance of materials there are for parents, about the many facets of raising children. This includes the daily concerns of eating, toileting and sleeping, and even religious upbringing. The advice might reflect the newest trend, might be traditional, might focus on family patterns, or share the latest research. It can be comforting, confusing, and even contradictory. Regarding religion ... Read More »


When we promise to behave in a certain way, to keep a confidence, to support or assist someone with a project, or to care for them as part of a family or community, the expectation is that the promise will be kept. We learn to trust one another by keeping promises, by holding true to our relationships and by standing ... Read More »

Serious Holidays, Family Fun

Rosh Hashanah deals with serious topics, like forgiveness and thinking hard about how to be a better person. It is also said to be a celebration of renewal and of the world’s birthday. In addition to the traditional family dinners and going to services, there are many ways our community families add fun and meaningful activities into their holiday traditions. ... Read More »

Back to School

Whether your child is in fact a baby, or just “your baby” and entering middle school, junior high or (gasp) high school, transitions can be hard at all ages. Truth be told, the transitions are often harder for the parents. Happy to reach these monumental milestones, parents typically feel proud as their children start at new schools. Nevertheless, we also ... Read More »


Education can never be the same for every learner. Each learner is different and enters the learning environment with different incoming knowledge, background experiences, potential, learning style and capacity to integrate and use the content. Some learners are more experiential, others are more cerebral. There are students who learn by listening and those who learn by reading. There are those ... Read More »


Maccabi USA Gymnastics Chair Ben Fox along with Head Coach Paige Nelson are pleased to announce the Open Women’s Gymnastics Team for the 14th Pan American Maccabi Games which took place July 5-15, 2019 in Mexico City, Mexico. Maccabi USA brought a team of 400+ athletes who will join the other 2,500 Jewish athletes from 19 countries, participating in 24 ... Read More »


While the delicious smell of baking challah emanates from every crook and cranny of our preschool each Thursday; while we light candles, teach Hebrew and dress up during Purim; while we incorporate Jewish traditions in our school every day—some of our strongest Jewish values are, in fact, reflected in an Italian teaching philosophy, Reggio-Emilio. Founded shortly after World War II, ... Read More »

Benefits of a Gap Year

As part of their activities with Masa Israel Journey’s BIG IDEA gap year program, 18-year-old coders experienced the same road to innovation as any other start-up entrepreneur, working with museum staffers during a month-long process to identify needs and then explore digital solutions. The participants—hailing from the U.S., Canada, U.K., South Africa, and Australia—were divided into teams and were mentored ... Read More »


Proponents of mindfulness tell us not to dwell in the past, revisiting traumatic or difficult times, and not to imagine the future, envisioning what may or may not come our way, but to focus on the now and to live “in the moment.” We have come to the end of the school year. Report cards are around the corner. Our ... Read More »

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