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Coping with Change

Floor level perspective of a young man wearing jeans, tennis shoes and a black tshirt sitting and leaning against a wall next to three old suitcases. Concept for travel or leaving for college.

My 18-year-old is about to graduate from high school. In a few months, he’ll be away at college and we’ll be empty nesters. Wow!!! Where did the time go? Am I ready for this? How will it impact my life? As I face the uncertainty of a new stage in my development, my 18-year-old son is contemplating his future. He’s ... Read More »

Where Out is In


Experience in child development research shows that all children need, and benefit, from more time outdoors; it is critical for their health, self-concept and future school success. Learning in an outdoor environment is as important and influential a learning tool as is a well thought out classroom. Obviously, nature is inherently “natural.” It is neither constructed nor sanitized; rather, it ... Read More »

Interfaith Connections

The Torah commands us no fewer than 36 times to welcome the stranger. It teaches us to heed the stranger’s feelings because “you know the feelings of a stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Exodus 23:9.) At Weizmann Day School, we take this commandment very seriously. We are a community Jewish day school. While we teach ... Read More »


After the Jews left Mitzrayim and wandered through the desert, they were free. They no longer belonged to slave owners who forced them to work. They became part of the greater Jewish community—wandering together through the desert, trying to find their way, dependent upon one another for food, survival and hope. This was the start of Jewish communal life. The ... Read More »


STARTING AT A FAIRLY early age, one of my sons decided that walking from the car to anywhere was much more efficient if you groaned all of the way. On the other hand, faced with a “hike”, he could go for miles. The challenge of climbing something is great fun if someone is not telling you to be careful or ... Read More »


CAN’T DO IT without Community Partners. It’s kind of a new phrase for an old concept, this Community Partner thing. PJ Library needs them to ensure there is buy in from the population we serve. Friends In Deed needs them to get the word out about the work it does for the underserved population. Besides my family, of course, these ... Read More »

Kosher Dog

Meet March’s Top Dawg Sometimes things are black and white. Meet Tula. She is a Smooth Fox Terrier who enjoys all things black and white, including black and white cookies, soccer balls and penguins.   Read More »

Emotional Liberation

WE HAVE LOTS of food throwing and wild rapping among other untraditional activities to keep the little (and big) ones interested and awake. Between the crazy stuff, and the text of the Haggadah, we get personal: We remind ourselves to recognize our personal “Egypts,” and feel hopeful that G-d will help us to be free from bondage in our lives. ... Read More »

Gefilte Fish, Latkes and Tongue, Oh My!

Many of my fondest childhood memories of the ‘60s and ‘70s involve my grandmother’s food. Visiting my Nana, aunt, uncle and cousins meant eating foods we didn’t have at home and stuffing ourselves silly with chopped liver, chicken soup and melt -in-your-mouth kosher meat. When “The Ed Sullivan Show” ended, we’d always leave with some of Nana’s homemade rugelach, though ... Read More »

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