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Even Better


OURS is a food-centered culture. The Yiddish language is replete with food-based idioms. We say “a gantza tsimmes,” meaning making a production out of something. If something is inexpensive, we say it’s “billig vi borscht,” cheap as beet soup. A busybody is a “kochleffel,” a cooking ladle, and here’s my personal favorite: “Meshugenah genz, meshugenah gribenes”: crazy geese, crazy rendered goose ... Read More »

Healthy Holidays 

Roast Turkey on a platter.

BET YOU THOUGHT you’d never hear the words “healthy” and “Thanksgiving” in the same sentence, did you? Leave it to Paula Shoyer, the undisputed queen of kosher baking, to tackle this conundrum. In December 2015, a mere one month after her mother had passed away, Shoyer was challenged by her publisher to write a healthy kosher cookbook. The shiva and ... Read More »

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