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The Jewish Book Festival

Every fall I look forward to the announcement in the mail and in JLife, about our Jewish Federation’s annual Jewish Book Festival. I send the dates to friends and begin planning. The festival’s 21st year lineup is one certain to get you off the couch and away from electronic distractions with its promise to nourish your mind and soul. The ... Read More »

Welcoming the New Year

A family reunion offers the gift of belonging. On Rosh Hashanah we gather as members of an extended family, whether born into the Jewish people or adopted by our choosing. We link ourselves to those in the room and to generations before us. The celebration is a Hi Holiday, as we meet and greet those we have not seen for ... Read More »

Camp Moshava Alevy

When it comes to Jewish education, there are no magic potions. No one course, program, or trip that can guarantee our children’s future Jewish identity. But if there were such a thing, it would definitely be hands-on. It would help them understand their own importance in the broader context of Jewish history and geography. And ideally? It would get their ... Read More »

Serious Holidays, Family Fun

Rosh Hashanah deals with serious topics, like forgiveness and thinking hard about how to be a better person. It is also said to be a celebration of renewal and of the world’s birthday. In addition to the traditional family dinners and going to services, there are many ways our community families add fun and meaningful activities into their holiday traditions. ... Read More »

Back to School

Whether your child is in fact a baby, or just “your baby” and entering middle school, junior high or (gasp) high school, transitions can be hard at all ages. Truth be told, the transitions are often harder for the parents. Happy to reach these monumental milestones, parents typically feel proud as their children start at new schools. Nevertheless, we also ... Read More »

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