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The Teaching Bench


IT WAS A Friday night like many others. Candles lit, table set, side dishes plated in my favorite pieces of pottery. The challahs were still warm, proudly sitting beneath an embroidered cloth; my damp-from-the-shower hair was neatly tucked inside a colorful headscarf.  The sky rapidly darkened to an inky blue-black from which stars popped out from their hiding places in ... Read More »

A Community for Us at Gan Katan


My husband, Seth,  and I grew up in traditional Jewish families. Growing up, we loved celebrating Shabbat and Jewish Holidays. We knew when our son, Ethan, was born that we would strive to ensure that he receive a similar upbringing. I was extremely lucky that when we relocated to the San Gabriel Valley a friend told me about Gan Katan ... Read More »

14th Annual Daniel Pearl Concert


Weizmann Day School kicked off another exciting school year on August 29.  For those of you who do not know us, Weizmann is a small, K-8 Jewish day school located on the campus of Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center (PJTC).  We are the only Jewish day school between the San Fernando Valley and Las Vegas.  We pride ourselves on being ... Read More »

PJ Library

Child holding a crayon thank you sign standing against white background

  How often do we say thank you? How many times during the day do we utter these words and to whom? When someone opens a door? When a waiter delivers food to your table? When you receive change at the super market?  The words just slip out of our mouths effortlessly to dozens of strangers pretty much all of ... Read More »

Sorry, Not Sorry!

Portrait of writer Jennifer Schlosberg Lehr, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2015

Parenting is never easy. And teaching youngsters how to get along with others may be one of the hardest parts of raising a child. Many parents feel compelled to force their child to apologize as a way to quickly wrap up an uncomfortable incident. I spoke to Jennifer Lehr, author of “ParentSpeak: What’s Wrong with How We Talk to Our ... Read More »

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