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We have just entered 5780, the new Jewish year. This is a time for new decisions, new focus, new intentions, and new commitments. Recently, there has been a focus on research dedicated to new habit formation and the best way to make life altering changes. The big take away seems to be instituting change a little at a time. In ... Read More »

L’Dor V’Dor

What an abundance of materials there are for parents, about the many facets of raising children. This includes the daily concerns of eating, toileting and sleeping, and even religious upbringing. The advice might reflect the newest trend, might be traditional, might focus on family patterns, or share the latest research. It can be comforting, confusing, and even contradictory. Regarding religion ... Read More »


When we promise to behave in a certain way, to keep a confidence, to support or assist someone with a project, or to care for them as part of a family or community, the expectation is that the promise will be kept. We learn to trust one another by keeping promises, by holding true to our relationships and by standing ... Read More »

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