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Stephen Tobolowsky


IN HIS LONG and storied career, Stephen Tobolowsky has made us believe he has sold insurance, been a high school principal, represented the interests of a corrupt county in an outlaw town, been a detective, and even led the KKK, but when he appears at the Jewish Federation’s Jewish Book Festival this November, the noted actor and author will just ... Read More »

Kosher Dog


THIS IS STANLEY SILVERMAN, he is our 3-year-old rescue lab. This is a picture of him having his Bark Mitzvah at a park in our neighborhood. He loves to swim and run through the waves at the beach.  He is happy and in charge of saying “Hello” to everyone he meets, people and fur friends alike. He currently stars in ... Read More »

Praise-worthy Praise

Shot of a young boy standing with two adults

“YOU ARE SO SMART!” my friend said to her 11-year-old the other day. I didn’t blink an eye. We’ve all said it. It was the boy’s response that surprised me. With a look that screamed “duh!” he told her, “That’s like me saying ‘wow, congratulations, you’re tall.’” Children learn to see through parental over exuberance, discounting compliments as a matter ... Read More »

Mission Possible


OCTOBER’S THEME OF Welcoming the New Fall Season inspired me to reach out to Mary Clark, CEO of Agents of Discovery to find out how, with autumn’s arrival, parents and children could seamlessly switch from pools to parks. Clark’s company, “an educational technology platform that facilitates the gamification of information,” is a mobile gaming app designed to get kids enthusiastic ... Read More »

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