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Beauty, Tradition & Reflection

The gavel went down with a bang sealing the sale of “Girl with a Balloon,” a piece of art by street artist Banksy for $1.4 million dollars. Just as soon as the sale was complete, the painting self-destructed and slowly slid out of the frame shredded. This act is said to be Banksy’s most spectacular prank and a big statement ... Read More »

Let’s Play More

Consider the following imagining found in the Talmud [Avodah Zarah 3b]: “Rav Yehuda says, there are twelve hours in a day. The first three-hours G-d sits and learns the Torah, the second three-hours he sits and judges the world. The third three- hours G-d feeds the entire world… the fourth three-hour period G-d plays with the Leviathan as it is ... Read More »

Hitchcock in Jerusalem

Sport and religion in America go together as naturally as motherhood and apple pie. Schools such as Notre Dame and Brigham Young, with large populations of religious students, field excellent teams in a variety of sports. When we learn that a certain outstanding athlete is also a religious person, our reaction is usually: of course, yes, that makes a lot ... Read More »

Lessons in Chill

So often we verbalize our frustration at the little inconveniences that life brings us. The car who cut us off while merging into the next lane, the lady who is in front of us at the grocery store with an overflowing cart, the customer service rep who needs to pass you on to his supervisor. Our children witness our frustration ... Read More »

Bar Mitzvah Party Time

Having a Bat or Bar Mitzvah is a rite of passage for the young Jewish lady or man and is rich with tradition, but that does not mean you can’t think outside of the box when it comes to themes. Many times, going for something unique or putting a new twist on an old favorite is the key to making ... Read More »

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