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Healthy Holidays 

Roast Turkey on a platter.

BET YOU THOUGHT you’d never hear the words “healthy” and “Thanksgiving” in the same sentence, did you? Leave it to Paula Shoyer, the undisputed queen of kosher baking, to tackle this conundrum. In December 2015, a mere one month after her mother had passed away, Shoyer was challenged by her publisher to write a healthy kosher cookbook. The shiva and ... Read More »



WAITING FOR MY assigned room, I sat in the sun-drenched solarium staring at the first of many inedible meals to be served over the next few days.  I was intensely aware of the mingling of gag-inducing odors that are particular to medical facilities: barium enemas, disinfectants, greasy food-trays.  The resulting pain of total knee replacement would be addressed with morphine, ... Read More »

Saying Goodbye

Child is kissing a cat

GENERALLY, WHEN YOUR child asks you a question about death, it follows the loss of someone or some animal who was part of your life. Not only is it difficult to discuss death with your children at any time, it is much more complicated when dealing with your own emotional upheaval or loss. Are you sure what happens after death? ... Read More »

Entertaining Children


  THIS MONTH’S JLIFE theme is arts and entertainment. We are blessed to live in an area that has a wide array of museums and formal events geared toward children of all ages. However, there are times we need to step back and think about what it means to “entertain” children. Children have a natural curiosity about the world around ... Read More »

That’s Entertainment

  WHILE PREGNANT WITH triplets I was already thinking about how we were possibly going to afford college. In brainstorming options I looked into 529 college savings plans and show business. One was definitely more grounded in thought than the other. A 529 plan, with reoccurring contributions, would grow at a steady pace with limited risk. However, exploring the world ... Read More »

Teaching Compassion

Tree  of hearts, valentines day background,illustration

AT WEIZMANN DAY SCHOOL, the staff works hard to foster compassion in the community. Toward this end, Weizmann proudly partnered with PJTC and B’nai Simcha in October to help local refugee families from the Middle East and Africa. Kristin Burke, founder of Second Families (an organization that helps ease the transition to the U.S. for refugee families), met with our ... Read More »

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