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Ben Stein

WHAT DO YOU get when you cross deadpan delivery with a keen sense of the modern political arena? Well, none other than Mr. Ben Stein. Known in popular culture circles for his extensive body of work in Hollywood, Mr. Stein has also managed a feat many have failed to pull off. He has navigated the rocky terrain of both “Tinsle ... Read More »

Searching for & Burning Your Hametz

ORDINARILY, IF I caught my children sneaking around a darkened house with a candle while searching for pieces of bread, I’d be suspicious. But if it’s the night before Passover, that’s a different story. As odd as that behavior might appear it’s all part of the deep spiritual practice of searching for hametz. In preparation for Passover, our Tradition requires ... Read More »

There Is More to Play

PLAYING WITH NATURE’S outdoor gifts has traditionally been part of child play. Sandboxes, water tables, mud rivers, and leaf stamping are just a few examples of what we adults remember vividly from our childhood memories. Yet thinking about today’s children, we see more of a variety of toys and recreational activities alongside our traditional play with nature’s offering. Both we ... Read More »

Welcoming Klal Israel

WE TRADITIONALLY SPEAK at our Seder table about four sons: the wise, the wicked, the simple, and the one who does not know how to ask. Orthodox Jews traditionally speak also of a fifth conspicuous Jewish child who has no interest in Yiddishkeit, and is thus absent from the Seder table. The Lubavitcher Rebbe calls upon us Jews to bring ... Read More »

Chag Kasher V’samayach

WE ALL HAVE OUR favorite Passover Seder melodies. If we are guests at a Seder where they sing a different melody to that passage of the Haggadah, then it just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes even within one family there can be competing “must sing” versions to the same passage. Often the solution is to sing both versions. Something incredible, however, ... Read More »

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