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Stolen Words

WHEN WE THINK  of all we lost during the Holocaust, six million of our people, and along with that their art and talents – it comes as no surprise that the Nazis also attempted to rob us of our books. Rabbi Mark Glickman has followed up his remarkable book about the Cairo Geniza with this epic story about the largest ... Read More »

What Is A Mensch?

I HAVE ALWAYS been amazed at how words from a language that was so close to dying out have become so mainstream. Thanks to its recent revival, people of all faiths, cultures, and nationalities use Yiddish in their everyday conversations. Words like putz, chutzpah, tush, kvetch, nosh, schlep, schmooze, and others are heard in mainstream media, used online, and integrated ... Read More »

Celebrating Two Redemptions

YES! AND WOMEN are featured in both! It was Miriam who watched over her brother who led his people out of slavery and who enjoined the women to sing and celebrate the crossing of the sea; if it hadn’t been for Vashti, maybe the first feminist, who refused to parade naked before King Achasverous and was exiled, there wouldn’t have been ... Read More »

Marrying Mores

VERY FEW AMERICAN Jews marry before they finish college. And even high school sweethearts are usually prepared to wait–or are convinced by their parents to do so–until they turn 21. In Israel, with university coming after a lengthy post-high school period (including army service, travel, making up for screw-ups in high school, and then studying for and taking the university ... Read More »

Time to Celebrate!

Image of elegant venetian, mardi gras mask on glitter background

PURIM IS OFTEN called the Jewish Halloween – primarily because we are encouraged to dress up in costumes. But there is also the hamantaschen, the giving of gifts, groggers, carnivals, and of course, the story of Queen Esther.  And while it has become a festive holiday – celebrating Jewish survival – does anyone know how it really began?  According to ... Read More »

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