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Jewish European Travel

Though we are staying around home this summer, I thought I’d still share some possibilities for Jewish European travel so that when travel restrictions are eased, you might consider visiting these places and imbibing the Jewish soul that is presented in each of them. These spots present a wonderful snapshot into the Jewish European experience of the last several centuries. ... Read More »

FIVE Permissions of a Pandemic

“We may not all be in the same boat, but we’re in the same storm” – Unknown We’re all feeling the impacts of this pandemic, and each experience is unique. During a time of being inundated by physical health conversations—and yes, that’s important—are we talking enough about the mental health experiences?! Perhaps the COVID-19 cadence can help us grant permission ... Read More »


In this time of uncertainty, amid the coronavirus pandemic, families are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to deciding whether or not to hold a virtual simcha (celebration), or to postpone it, and celebrate later when close family and friends can participate. Across the country and world, people are becoming increasingly creative in finding ways to celebrate and bring ... Read More »


Parents have played a much larger role in their children’s learning, while navigating the stressors of work, home life and a global pandemic. Understandably, parents are feeling a great deal of uncertainty. With many students facing a summer of “catch up” and many fall school schedules still in limbo, how can parents balance distance learning and their own work-from-home schedules ... Read More »


COVID-19 has impacted everyone in countless ways: in ways we are struggling with now, and ways we have yet to uncover. It has also forced us to reflect on our beliefs and assumptions, including those regarding how we are educating our children. As educators, our primary goal has been to prepare the next generation for success in facing “real life ... Read More »

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