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Judaism & the Mind


I speak of the positive psychology movement—a field devoted to “the scientific study of what goes right in life [and] those things that make life most worth living.” An intriguing branch of science, if ever I heard one. You need only browse the dozens of titles at the bookstore about happiness and positive psychology, and the thousands more on Amazon, ... Read More »

Kosher Dog!

Meet JUNE’S Top Dawg (OR CAT)! Mango is a rescue kitty.  We adopted him 12 years ago.  He likes dressing up in his kitty clothes and enjoys sleeping by the window in the sun.  His favorite thing to do is to get inside a box or bag and spend the day napping.  He also likes to play with his adopted ... Read More »

Getting Grounded    


Three OF MY six children reside in South Africa and it takes fingers and toes to record how frequently I’ve flown between Tel Aviv and Johannesburg. In fact, due to family obligations, I traveled to South Africa three times in the last four months! Considering the “Oy Vey Factor” of international travel, if one can spend twice-the-amount of travel dollars, ... Read More »

Twenty-somethings In Israel       

THE GREAT RECESSION of 2008 broke what was once a taboo for American youth: moving back in with your parents after college.  Now that America is prospering again, I imagine that some of the old stigmas against living at home have returned. In Israel, it continues to be normal to live with your parents at any number of junctures in ... Read More »

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