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More Mitzvah, Less Bar

“OH, YOU’RE ON the Bar Mitzvah circuit now,” a friend recently smirked at me. “Buckle up.” My son’s social calendar rivals Meghan Markle’s. A private event at a museum one weekend. A lavish affair at a swanky hotel the next. Invitations engraved in metal to soirees at “It” restaurants where barely pubescent partiers dance until well past the pumpkin hour. ... Read More »

The Over Scheduler

A few years ago, at one of my Parenting workshops, a mom admitted jokingly about her parenting blunder: “You should know, I’m a recovering over scheduler!” This eager and dedicated young mother explained how she found herself loading her son’s schedule with activities, and although her intention was to help him find a sense of belonging and purpose, she found ... Read More »

Weizmann Day School Celebrating Multi-Age Classrooms

  Weizmann Day School prides itself on its small, nurturing environment.  We commonly see eighth graders helping first graders, seventh graders playing with second graders, sixth graders reading to kindergarteners, etc.  Parents and children alike tell us how much they enjoy this communal aspect of the school. A positive feature of our size is the opportunity to arrange for multi-age ... Read More »

Make ‘Em Laugh

Before comedians like Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers and Jerry Seinfeld became famous they were kids. This made me wonder how any child interested in comedy knows to follow that path in life and what it’s like, so I reached out to two talented individuals, one adult professional comedian and one teen with stand-up aspirations. Comedian, author, playwright and L.A. local, ... Read More »

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