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Walking the Talk

Sunday evening, purple nightclub lighting escapes the doorway of a former garage on Waverly St. Black-clad event staff scan tickets. The house is packed. Maestra Rachael Worby announces the theme for the evening: shoes. As in, walking a mile in someone else’s. She introduces the first singer, who belts out the opening notes to “Footloose” and the full band—replete with ... Read More »

Rabbi Marv Gross

Rabbi Marv Gross- Pasadena’s Conscience May 20, 1947 – November 5, 2019 Rabbi Marv Gross, who died on November 5 at 72, was Pasadena’s conscience. He was a longtime PJTC member. His children celebrated their bnot mitzvah at the temple. A few weeks before his death, he had an aliyah, and facilitated a discussion of social justice in Jewish tradition, ... Read More »

Sweet Smells

The sweet smells of challah baking prompts anticipation of Shabbat. The delicious and beautiful braided egg bread sets the meal apart from the rest of the week, as do the candles and the blessings over wine. The recent “Mega-Challah Bake” drew over 1,200 women from our Orange County to our JCC. What a wonderful celebration of Jewish belonging and creativity. ... Read More »

Grab & Crack

Israelis separate their munchies into pitzuhim and hatifim. Pitzuhim are (literally) “things that can be cracked”; i.e., nuts and seeds. Hatifim, literally “things that can be grabbed,” are all sorts of chips and other salty snacks. To complicate matters, there is a type of salty snack that Israelis call “monchies,” which is a spicy mixture of puffed rice and peanuts. ... Read More »

Healthy Kids!

What’s for lunch? How can I encourage my child to eat more vegetables? Everything I buy is prepackaged with tons of sugar. What should I do? We all know how challenging it can be to develop a nutritional diet that works for children. Many families with busy lives face similar challenges and it has become too “easy and convenient” to ... Read More »

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