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Bon Appetit!

The Jewish Federation of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys is looking to its past for inspiration as it prepares to launch its newest offering. This April, a brand-new Jewish Food Festival will be coming to the streets of Monrovia. It’s a bold move intended to further the Jewish Federation’s mission, and one that has Federation executive director Jason Moss ... Read More »

Drink Up!

The extent of my wine expertise consists of saying “Look at the legs on this one” as I swirl my $5 Pinot Noir in my glass before unashamedly guzzling it down. Apparently, I am a bit of an anomaly among my generation. Last year, research from Wine Access, a site that brings consumers with the best wine, found that Millennials ... Read More »

Aruhat Tsaharayim

Tel Aviv, Israel- September 18, 2013: Vendors and buyers at the Sukkot Market in Rabin Square, looking at Etrog and Lulav (the for species) and decorations for the Jewish Festival of Sukkot.

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a cultural phenomenon simply by referring to its name. The noontime meal in Israel is called “aruhat tsaharayim”; in America, it’s called “lunch.” Officially, the definition of aruhat tsaharayim is a hot meat meal. It used to be a lot easier to fulfill this cultural obligation in Israel: the school day ended by ... Read More »

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