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Even Better


OURS is a food-centered culture. The Yiddish language is replete with food-based idioms. We say “a gantza tsimmes,” meaning making a production out of something. If something is inexpensive, we say it’s “billig vi borscht,” cheap as beet soup. A busybody is a “kochleffel,” a cooking ladle, and here’s my personal favorite: “Meshugenah genz, meshugenah gribenes”: crazy geese, crazy rendered goose ... Read More »

Milky on My Mind

THE MILKY NAME is one of the most highly recognized brand names in Israel. Over 6,000,000 Milky products are sold each month (representing almost 1 for each citizen of Israel). Not that familiar with Milky? You’re in luck. Forthwith: A Milky Primer. Milky, manufactured by the Strauss food company, is the brand name for a score of dessert puddings. The ... Read More »

Offering a Hand in the #MeToo Movement

I USED TO fume when ultra-Orthodox men would refuse to shake my hand. The idea that men and women shouldn’t touch, that we are a distraction or a temptation or some other nonsense angered me to my core. But, being a woman, I have been socialized to accommodate. I learned to laugh it off, telling myself that I shouldn’t take ... Read More »

No Need to Get So Touchy

Young businesswoman going to make handshake with a businessman -greeting, dealing, merger and acquisition concepts

FIRST, A WORD about Harvey Weinstein, Leon Wieseltier, and their ilk.   They are pigs, and I have written about them and their indiscretions amply in the pages of The American Spectator, the online magazine where I publish political commentary regularly. Because the Rabbis of the Talmud wrote and taught during an era preceding Political Correctness, they dealt with the real ... Read More »

Women of the Wall

THE JEWISH FEDERATION’S ANNUAL WOMEN’S FORUM acknowledges women who make a difference in our community. Every synagogue, school and Jewish organization in the greater San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys is invited to select an honoree every year. The entire Jewish community comes together to celebrate those women and their work. This year they are having a special guest speaker, Cheryl ... Read More »

Say “Ah”

A RELATIVELY TERRIFYING medical test occurred at an ungodly hour because the hospital owns one MRI scanner. In the middle of a freezing winter night, testing for potential diagnoses that one does not want to hear uttered and I went alone. My husband, a man who never goes anywhere and never has anything to do if it doesn’t involve me, ... Read More »

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