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When the Jewish Federation decided to stage a 24-hour reading of the names of Holocaust victims last January at Pasadena’s City Hall, neither the organizers or participants knew what to expect. Although the UN declared January 26, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, an international day of remembrance for the Holocaust back in 2005, most of the Jewish community ... Read More »


I had the remarkable experience of recently entering the ‘Gates of Righteousness’, better known as Shaarei Tzedek Hospital. With overflowing parking lots, I was forced to walk from far away and consequently traverse—by foot!—four lanes of highway traffic before darting between idling ambulances and queued taxis. Entering the newest pavillion in the ever-expanding medical center, security was tight. Once I ... Read More »

Saying “Goodbye”

My father Leonard (Lenny) Weinberger (89) had been in and out of the hospital over the past year for congestive heart failure. We got the call early Tuesday morning October 22. There is often a need to delay a U.S. funeral for arriving relatives from Israel due to the long travel time, but my father’s situation was an exception: He ... Read More »

Spark Some Memories

Growing up, our local fire department got to know our family well during Hanukkah: if it wasn’t a grease fire from splattering latke oil, it was our dog who went to fetch his new stuffed dreidel toy, knocking over the table full of menorahs causing the curtains to catch fire. Fortunately, no serious damage ever resulted from these incidents and ... Read More »

Barnyard Bubbe’s Hanukkah

Little ones will love the mystery, rhyme and repetition in Barnyard Bubbe’s Hanukkah, an entertaining read-aloud board book written by Joni Klein-Higger and Barbara Sharf with colorful and sweet illustrations by Monica Gutierrez (Kar-Ben Publishing; $5.99, Ages 1-4). Seven different farm animals show up on seven consequent nights knocking, tapping, rapping, swishing, thumping, rat tat tatting and scratching on Bubbe’s ... Read More »

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