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Your New Rose Queen

Louise Deser Siskel didn’t always know she wanted to be Queen. In fact, when she decided to try out for a spot in the royal court of the Tournament of Roses, it was more on a whim than anything. Little did she know that on top of exams and college applications, she’d soon be dealing with the duties of being ... Read More »

Not your Bubbie’s Kitchen

I asked my mom if she ever uses online cooking videos, and she responded without hesitation: “No, I know how to cook.” That shouldn’t have surprised me. Growing up, I must have walked by her bookshelf full of cookbooks, handwritten and hardbound, a thousand times, as I made my way to the table to enjoy a meal she crafted from ... Read More »

“Fiddler on the Roof”

Laemmle celebrates a decade of song, shtick, and shenanigans by once again inviting Angelenos to come together for its legendary Christmas Eve, “Fiddler on the Roof Sing-A-Long” extravaganza. Now in its 11th consecutive year, the evening will feature a host of Fiddler activities—all centered around the screening of Norman Jewison’s beloved 1971 Oscar-winning musical. New for 2018: The program has ... Read More »

Chanukah’s Hidden Light

As I sometimes do for a holiday message, I turn here to the words (freely translated) of my friend and teacher Rabbi Lior Engelman for this year’s Chanukah column. The 36 candles that are lit during the course of Chanukah are said to represent the 36 hours that the “hidden light” shone during the six days of creation. According to ... Read More »

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