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Have you ever thought how much fun it would be to play Klezmer music? The exuberant melodies just make you want to dance! Or to play Israeli folk songs around the campfire while everyone joins in, either in song or instrument? Sharing the traditions of our people is what brings us together: food, holidays, and music—especially music. That’s what happens ... Read More »

“Good OMENS”

Every Friday night, my family celebrates Shabbat by saying the prayers, eating challah and … watching British fantasy/sci-fi television. For several years now, the Shabbat candles have shimmered their earnest little lights on the dining room table, as we have gathered a few feet away in the living room to bask in the LCD glow of “Sherlock Holmes,” “Dr. Who” ... Read More »

Invisible Strings

It was as a typical Grandma Morning in Johannesburg. It was the third consecutive day of my visit and, in the guest room of my daughter’s home, I was hiding. Buried beneath quilts is the way I begin my day in a home of four little boys who love to make their grandma scream. Love keeps even the stalest jokes ... Read More »

Cool or Shul

I was in 10th or 11th grade at the Yeshivah, Rabbi David Eliach, the austere principal who was then about mid-way through his 43-year tenure, called a few of us from the religious honors class into his office. (The grade was segregated along the lines of religious/non-religious, Syrian-Sephardic/Ashkenazic, and honors/non-honors—aka “stupid.”) Rabbi Eliach told us that the high hopes he ... Read More »


Education can never be the same for every learner. Each learner is different and enters the learning environment with different incoming knowledge, background experiences, potential, learning style and capacity to integrate and use the content. Some learners are more experiential, others are more cerebral. There are students who learn by listening and those who learn by reading. There are those ... Read More »

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