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Twice Exceptional Students Another Kind of Giftedness


What do Curie, Da Vinci and Einstein have in common? They’re all believed to have been “twice-exceptional (2e).” Twice-exceptional people are defined as gifted in combination with one or more of the following learning disabilities or special needs: • Dyslexia • Visual or auditory processing issues • Sensory-processing disorder • Anxiety and/or depression • Tourette’s or Asperger’s Syndrome • Autism ... Read More »

PJ Library

Smiling and cheerful schoolgirls reading a book together at school

PJ Library, the flagship program of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, delivers more than 170,000 free Jewish children’s books and music CDs throughout the United States and Canada each month, including 550 families in the Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys. Books are sent to children ages six months through eight years, with each subscriber receiving a title carefully selected for ... Read More »

Why Choose a Jewish Preschool?

Brother and sister studying the Aleph Bet together

There’s such a lot to consider when families are looking for a preschool.  For Jewish families, it’s sometimes a dilemma whether enrollment in a Jewish preschool is the right choice for them. We have many high quality early childhood programs in the Pomona-San Gabriel Valleys for families to choose from.  The range of early childhood centers include non-profits, campus child ... Read More »

New Beginnings

I remember the anticipation of starting school again in the fall. There was excitement about seeing friends again and getting all those new school clothes as one inevitably had a summer growth spurt. There was a little nervousness about meeting a new teacher. There was some relief that the overly long summer vacation was over and a routine would again ... Read More »

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