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The Gift of Summer Camp

I almost didn’t recognize 10-year old Eli as he stood in front of our entire 4th – 10th grade camp community leading a rousing morning cheer on his last full day at Kibbutz Bob Waldorf. He seemed fueled by an enormous dose of self-confidence, social leadership, and pure joy. Was this the same camper who spent time each previous day, ... Read More »

Unleavened on purpose

The origins of matzah may be a lot older than you think. Religiously, of course, matzah begins as last-minute preparation for our ancestors’ escape from Egypt, but unleavened flatbreads go back much further. Recent lab analyses of clay potsherds from a tel in Jordan revealed ancient breadcrumbs—specifically unleavened ones –from well over 10,000 years ago, before the first known cultivation ... Read More »

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

Eighteen years ago, I was the mom of a toddler, running around ensuring my only child had all the life experiences that would ensure he grows up to be extraordinary at whatever he wanted to be. Can you appreciate that in order to “allow” our kids to become who they want to be, there is a strong tendency to sign ... Read More »

The Importance of Community

After the Jews left Mitzrayim and wandered through the desert, they were free. They no longer belonged to slave owners who forced them to work. They became part of the greater Jewish community—wandering together through the desert, trying to find their way, dependent upon one another for food, survival and hope. This was the start of Jewish communal life. The ... Read More »

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