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COVID-19 has impacted everyone in countless ways: in ways we are struggling with now, and ways we have yet to uncover. It has also forced us to reflect on our beliefs and assumptions, including those regarding how we are educating our children. As educators, our primary goal has been to prepare the next generation for success in facing “real life ... Read More »

Practicing Mindfulness

I can’t smell cinnamon rolls without thinking about my grandmother baking sweet pecan sticky buns in our kitchen. Just catching a whiff of a familiar scent, our brain can transport us back in time, connecting smells to people, places, or experiences from various times of our lives. We can utilize this powerful phenomenon to connect us with the wonders of ... Read More »

The Over Scheduler

A few years ago, at one of my Parenting workshops, a mom admitted jokingly about her parenting blunder: “You should know, I’m a recovering over scheduler!” This eager and dedicated young mother explained how she found herself loading her son’s schedule with activities, and although her intention was to help him find a sense of belonging and purpose, she found ... Read More »

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