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In this time of uncertainty, amid the coronavirus pandemic, families are faced with difficult decisions when it comes to deciding whether or not to hold a virtual simcha (celebration), or to postpone it, and celebrate later when close family and friends can participate. Across the country and world, people are becoming increasingly creative in finding ways to celebrate and bring ... Read More »


Once upon a time in Orange County, California, the people were quarantined due to a virus. Forced to stay home and socially distance from anyone not living with them caused the families to create imaginative adventures. Here’s just one… After packing a small overnight bag with comfortable clothes, a swimsuit, cosmetics and medication, the children (including adult children who were ... Read More »

Challenging Times

As I write this article, an entire suburb north of NYC has been placed under a mandatory quarantine. They are contained, enforced by the National Guard. Food and medicine is being brought in. Our children aren’t immune to what they hear on the playground, overhear on the news, or pick up from adult discussions. Large gatherings have been canceled or ... Read More »

Celebrate Each Day!

“It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another.” —Nelson Mandela Waking up every morning is cause for celebration! A brand new day, filled with sunshine (or inclement weather), food, human interaction and often, love. We are truly blessed to experience the beauty of each new day, to ... Read More »

The Miracle of Hanukkah

While standing on a rooftop garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a warm breeze blowing and the soft tones of ambient music in the background amidst the company of friends, I watch the sun set gloriously over the horizon. The sky is a rustic orange tinged with pink hues. It momentarily turns green as the sun winks at us one ... Read More »


We have just entered 5780, the new Jewish year. This is a time for new decisions, new focus, new intentions, and new commitments. Recently, there has been a focus on research dedicated to new habit formation and the best way to make life altering changes. The big take away seems to be instituting change a little at a time. In ... Read More »


While the delicious smell of baking challah emanates from every crook and cranny of our preschool each Thursday; while we light candles, teach Hebrew and dress up during Purim; while we incorporate Jewish traditions in our school every day—some of our strongest Jewish values are, in fact, reflected in an Italian teaching philosophy, Reggio-Emilio. Founded shortly after World War II, ... Read More »


Proponents of mindfulness tell us not to dwell in the past, revisiting traumatic or difficult times, and not to imagine the future, envisioning what may or may not come our way, but to focus on the now and to live “in the moment.” We have come to the end of the school year. Report cards are around the corner. Our ... Read More »

The Importance of Community

After the Jews left Mitzrayim and wandered through the desert, they were free. They no longer belonged to slave owners who forced them to work. They became part of the greater Jewish community—wandering together through the desert, trying to find their way, dependent upon one another for food, survival and hope. This was the start of Jewish communal life. The ... Read More »

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