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HOW DO YOU spell relief? JCRN—the Jewish Counseling and Referral Network’s goal is to find the help you need. Many people, however, are unfamiliar with this service from Jewish Federation SGPV so I spoke to Kim Banaji, Program and Community Outreach Coordinator as well as Executive Director, Jason Moss and Jennifer R. Levin, a Pasadena-based grief counselor, to learn more. ... Read More »

Gefilte Fish, Latkes and Tongue, Oh My!

Many of my fondest childhood memories of the ‘60s and ‘70s involve my grandmother’s food. Visiting my Nana, aunt, uncle and cousins meant eating foods we didn’t have at home and stuffing ourselves silly with chopped liver, chicken soup and melt -in-your-mouth kosher meat. When “The Ed Sullivan Show” ended, we’d always leave with some of Nana’s homemade rugelach, though ... Read More »

Make ‘Em Laugh

Before comedians like Mel Brooks, Joan Rivers and Jerry Seinfeld became famous they were kids. This made me wonder how any child interested in comedy knows to follow that path in life and what it’s like, so I reached out to two talented individuals, one adult professional comedian and one teen with stand-up aspirations. Comedian, author, playwright and L.A. local, ... Read More »

A Delicious Taste of Hanukkah

Author Pamela Ehrenberg’s charming new picture book called Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas celebrates siblings, diversity and the joyous role traditional food plays in different cultures, in this case Indian. With Hanukkah approaching as the story opens, an older brother narrator describes his younger sister Sadie’s penchant for climbing, even in the Indian supermarket. Fortunately, his version of the dreidel ... Read More »

Mission Possible


OCTOBER’S THEME OF Welcoming the New Fall Season inspired me to reach out to Mary Clark, CEO of Agents of Discovery to find out how, with autumn’s arrival, parents and children could seamlessly switch from pools to parks. Clark’s company, “an educational technology platform that facilitates the gamification of information,” is a mobile gaming app designed to get kids enthusiastic ... Read More »

Sorry, Not Sorry!

Portrait of writer Jennifer Schlosberg Lehr, copyright Diana Koenigsberg 2015

Parenting is never easy. And teaching youngsters how to get along with others may be one of the hardest parts of raising a child. Many parents feel compelled to force their child to apologize as a way to quickly wrap up an uncomfortable incident. I spoke to Jennifer Lehr, author of “ParentSpeak: What’s Wrong with How We Talk to Our ... Read More »

Twice Exceptional Students Another Kind of Giftedness


What do Curie, Da Vinci and Einstein have in common? They’re all believed to have been “twice-exceptional (2e).” Twice-exceptional people are defined as gifted in combination with one or more of the following learning disabilities or special needs: • Dyslexia • Visual or auditory processing issues • Sensory-processing disorder • Anxiety and/or depression • Tourette’s or Asperger’s Syndrome • Autism ... Read More »

Mayim Bialik

WE RECENTLY CAUGHT up  with neuroscientist, mom, actress, writer and “grown-up girl” Mayim Bialik, PhD., to gain insight into her new book for teens, “Girling Up: How to be Strong, Smart and Spectacular” (Philomel; $18.99). The book, released in May, is geared towards girls ages 12 and up. You may know Bialik from her titular role in the ’90s sitcom, ... Read More »

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