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Where Out is In


Experience in child development research shows that all children need, and benefit, from more time outdoors; it is critical for their health, self-concept and future school success. Learning in an outdoor environment is as important and influential a learning tool as is a well thought out classroom. Obviously, nature is inherently “natural.” It is neither constructed nor sanitized; rather, it ... Read More »

Praise-worthy Praise

Shot of a young boy standing with two adults

“YOU ARE SO SMART!” my friend said to her 11-year-old the other day. I didn’t blink an eye. We’ve all said it. It was the boy’s response that surprised me. With a look that screamed “duh!” he told her, “That’s like me saying ‘wow, congratulations, you’re tall.’” Children learn to see through parental over exuberance, discounting compliments as a matter ... Read More »

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