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The Blessing of a Skinned Knee

Eighteen years ago, I was the mom of a toddler, running around ensuring my only child had all the life experiences that would ensure he grows up to be extraordinary at whatever he wanted to be. Can you appreciate that in order to “allow” our kids to become who they want to be, there is a strong tendency to sign ... Read More »

Where Out is In


Experience in child development research shows that all children need, and benefit, from more time outdoors; it is critical for their health, self-concept and future school success. Learning in an outdoor environment is as important and influential a learning tool as is a well thought out classroom. Obviously, nature is inherently “natural.” It is neither constructed nor sanitized; rather, it ... Read More »

Praise-worthy Praise

Shot of a young boy standing with two adults

“YOU ARE SO SMART!” my friend said to her 11-year-old the other day. I didn’t blink an eye. We’ve all said it. It was the boy’s response that surprised me. With a look that screamed “duh!” he told her, “That’s like me saying ‘wow, congratulations, you’re tall.’” Children learn to see through parental over exuberance, discounting compliments as a matter ... Read More »

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