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Bon Appetit!

The Jewish Federation of the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys is looking to its past for inspiration as it prepares to launch its newest offering. This April, a brand-new Jewish Food Festival will be coming to the streets of Monrovia. It’s a bold move intended to further the Jewish Federation’s mission, and one that has Federation executive director Jason Moss ... Read More »

Your New Rose Queen

Louise Deser Siskel didn’t always know she wanted to be Queen. In fact, when she decided to try out for a spot in the royal court of the Tournament of Roses, it was more on a whim than anything. Little did she know that on top of exams and college applications, she’d soon be dealing with the duties of being ... Read More »

Rabbi Naomi Levy

FOR RABBI NAOMI LEVY, it all began with a quotation. She was teaching a class about “oneness” at Nashuva, the spiritual community she’d founded in Los Angeles, when she stumbled upon something Albert Einstein had once said that seemed perfect for her class: “A human being is a part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe,’ a part limited in ... Read More »

Stephen Tobolowsky


IN HIS LONG and storied career, Stephen Tobolowsky has made us believe he has sold insurance, been a high school principal, represented the interests of a corrupt county in an outlaw town, been a detective, and even led the KKK, but when he appears at the Jewish Federation’s Jewish Book Festival this November, the noted actor and author will just ... Read More »

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