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Treat Yo’ Self

The term “self-care” was added to the dictionary recently in 2017, but it’s not a new phenomenon. From loving ourselves first so we can love others (“Love your neighbor as yourself”) to refraining from work and other stressors (Shabbat), self-care is a significant part of Judaism. It’s not selfish or self-indulgent. It’s about prioritizing our physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental ... Read More »

Drink Up!

The extent of my wine expertise consists of saying “Look at the legs on this one” as I swirl my $5 Pinot Noir in my glass before unashamedly guzzling it down. Apparently, I am a bit of an anomaly among my generation. Last year, research from Wine Access, a site that brings consumers with the best wine, found that Millennials ... Read More »

Not your Bubbie’s Kitchen

I asked my mom if she ever uses online cooking videos, and she responded without hesitation: “No, I know how to cook.” That shouldn’t have surprised me. Growing up, I must have walked by her bookshelf full of cookbooks, handwritten and hardbound, a thousand times, as I made my way to the table to enjoy a meal she crafted from ... Read More »

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