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L’Dor V’Dor

What an abundance of materials there are for parents, about the many facets of raising children. This includes the daily concerns of eating, toileting and sleeping, and even religious upbringing. The advice might reflect the newest trend, might be traditional, might focus on family patterns, or share the latest research. It can be comforting, confusing, and even contradictory. Regarding religion ... Read More »

Jewish Education


THE CORNERSTONE OF high quality early childhood education is that learning is experiential, and that the learning activities include all areas of whole child development. Preschool activities, then, need to span the interrelated areas of social-emotional, physical, cognitive and language development for a child’s optimal growth. What makes a Jewish preschool unique is that the area of moral development also ... Read More »

Why Choose a Jewish Preschool?

Brother and sister studying the Aleph Bet together

There’s such a lot to consider when families are looking for a preschool.  For Jewish families, it’s sometimes a dilemma whether enrollment in a Jewish preschool is the right choice for them. We have many high quality early childhood programs in the Pomona-San Gabriel Valleys for families to choose from.  The range of early childhood centers include non-profits, campus child ... Read More »

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