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Temple Beth David of the San Gabriel Valley Celebrates 70 Years

CONGREGATIONAL BEGINNINGS are not usually followed by the full realization of the founders’ visions and dreams. At times it takes a few decades or more for the hopes and visions of those who were the original founding members and visionaries to come to fruition. So is the story of Temple Beth David. It is a wonderfully positive story with many ... Read More »


Choosing the best school for the family is one of the most important decisions that parents must make. Parents often consider many factors. These might include quality of academics, arts offerings, teaching philosophy, location, student/teacher ratio, and many more. Some parents choose a Jewish school for their children. Often this is because of the values that are taught in a ... Read More »

Everything Relates to Judaism

Years ago, when I first stepped foot in one of the SGPV synagogues, a wise educator, Debby Singer, became my trusted mentor. She enlightened me, by proclaiming that “everything relates to Judaism”. That statement has since shaped my Jewish self, and I hope that after reading these words, it will remain with you, parent-readers, too. That is because everything we ... Read More »

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