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Jewish Israel

View of Dead Sea coastline

HOW CAN YOU put into words the experience of a sumptuous sunset on the Mediterranean with its magnificent colors, the expansion of both the sea and the sky touching—bonded together by the blinding, sinking globe of intense golden light, the freshness of the air, the salty breeze, the actual moment of perfection? How can you put into words the experience ... Read More »

Lesson in Fun

This summer take the family off the beaten path and check out some great locations and activities that you can do together as a family. Take a look at some of these great ideas to keep those inquiring minds engaged. AMERICAN HISTORY One of the best places to learn about American history is Boston, Massachusetts. The Freedom Trail and Boston ... Read More »

Traveling While Jewish

OVER THE LAST few years I have had the great fortune of traveling to countries with rich Jewish histories. Israel, the birthplace and homeland of the Jewish people. Spain, where Maimonides both practiced medicine and served as a great Jewish philosopher and leader. Italy, where life was nearly always horrible for the Jews, but where important communities flourished nonetheless. Then ... Read More »

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